Radio Freedom DJ Help

DJ Guidelines Post System Check

After you have tested the system, read this information carefully:

Turn off "auto reconnect" when casting

The description is to be set as follows: dj name and show title in 50 chars or less

The "genre" needs to be something that people will look for on the shoutcast list

Have your song titles working or manually add then. There must be something there

Reboot before you even think about casting

No childish behavior while casting (talking with your mouth full, swearing, coughing on purpose, etc.)

Dj needs to be active in the main channel (#freedom) while casting

Dj needs to be alert in channel #Dj-On-Air while casting

Dj needs to be in channel 20 to 30 minutes ahead of their cast and to be ready if asked to retest before main server cast

You will need to have a microphone and jingles in your cast. Jingles can be found in the radio freedom downloads section

All programs dealing with bandwidth/internet access need to be turned off

All windows sounds need to be turned off (start, settings, control panel, sound & audio devices turn off windows sounds)

Any messenger programs that are running and making sound need to be turned off or at the very least they need to be muted

Notify us by e-mail if you will be missing a cast, No notification could result in loss of your time slot.

Dj will be needed to use an IRC client, the website java client is mainly for visitors.

We recommend you use "mIRC" you can get mIRC at

For IRC the server name is the channel name is #freedom

Take your time and read these instructions please

You will be notified by e-mail if we can use your talent.