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1.8.2 DSP : Encoder Bug

DSP :: Encoder 1 Defaults to 24 kbps When Switching Input Device Bug

Date Reported: 5/27/2002 (m/d/y)

Version: 1.8.2b (guessing 1.8.2a too)

Details: When switching the Input Device from Winamp to Soundcard Input the settings for encoder 1 are not carried over and revert back to 24 kbps, 22 kHz, Mono (encoder still shows previous bitrate but 24 kbps is streamed). Soundcard Input to Winamp works as it should.

Workaround: Do not use encoder 1 if you will be switching the Input Device frequently. If you need all five encoders then be sure to reset the bitrate on encoder 1 after switching from Winamp to Soundcard Input.