Radio Freedom DJ Help

Vital DJ Description Settings

It is very important that the DJ sets their Description in Shoutcast and that it is in this correct format:

DJ-Name - Your Show Title

The DJ must use the exact same DJ-Name in their Description as their Chat Nickname. They have to match exactly!

Your Chat Nickname must be the same as the DJ-Name you put in your description.

Also the "Description" set in shoutcast must be in the correct format. (This setting is found in your Shoutcast DSP under Output -> Yellowpages)

DJ-Name - Your Show Title (Note the spaces and the Dash)

To give examples...

DJ-2K2 - Live from Trancentral
Rob-b - Live from the UK
Andy - World Music, Goa, Trance and Dance

Do not exceed 50 characters in your description! (including the spaces and dash)

When you have started your cast |On-Air will be automatically added to the end of your Nickname.

Please do not change your Nickname and please keep it the same as your DJ-Name at all times.

At the end of your cast if your Nickname is automatically changed back.

If you have any problems with this please speak to one of our staff in our chat room, or email support (at)